One Local Organization Making Change And Helping To Educate Simcoe County on BIPOC Struggles!

"Empowering youth to Stay Humble And Kind" - Shak's World

It’s been almost a week or so since the POWERFUL demonstrations throughout Simcoe County and across the world.

Just because #BlackLivesMatter has stopped trending, doesn’t mean the fight is over and if YOU want to help our local BIPOC all you have to do is turn to Shak’s World.

Founded by Shanicka Edwards, she’s been organizing events like this in Barrie since 2017. It all started with basketball tournaments and has led to partnerships with CAMH, City Of Barrie, and local schools.

Shak’s World will be offering two events moving forward:

Starting on Monday until July 6th is “How To Be A Great Ally”. It costs 20 bucks and tickets are available here.
Adults will learn about the history of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour) their struggles and how YOU can be supportive more than sharing a post on social media.

On Thursdays, starting June 18th until July 9th, is “Growing Up Melanin” which teaches Black youth their history of their culture and how to love the skin they are in.  Tickets are 15 bucks and are available here.

Let’s keep the movement going and hopefully, let’s get some damn change.