Online Shopping Is Way Up Due In Part To Retail Therapy!

Shopping makes us feel happy!

Salons are closed, so you order some hair dye online.  You’ve started to exercise while in lockdown, so you order a machine for your home gym.  Whatever your reason, people are online a lot more these days and retail therapy has been taken to the next level!

Buying stuff really does make us feel better – even if it’s only very temporary.  When we shop, we experience a rush of dopamine – one of the feel-good hormones. 

A study published in the journal Psychology and Marketing revealed that shopping can improve people’s overall mood. 

A study also found that shopping while in a bad mood can make you more impulsive with your purchases.

When we imagine ourselves wearing a new outfit or using a new product, we feel happier as we visualize it.  Shopping also gives us a sense of control in a very controlled world right now.

Online shopping is so popular right now (mainly because more stores are closed) Amazon reported that they were hiring 100,000 more workers to cope with the demand.