OPP Costing Model Could Mean ‘Significant Financial Benefit’ For Midland – Independent Analysis

Does not address quality of current Midland Police Service

An independent analysis of costing proposals for policing in Midland suggests there is the potential for “significant annual financial benefit with no degradation in policing” if the town accepted an OPP proposal. The analysis, from Asymmetric Consulting, compared base operating and capital costs between the two services and found the savings to be about $8M over ten years. Police presence in the town, under the OPP proposal, would be:

  • three officers, 24 hours
  • one sergeant, 24 hours
  • Staff sergeant, business hours, Monday to Friday

The OPP costing is based on the assumption that the Chief and Inspector will not transition to the OPP.

“This report is strictly a review for cost effectiveness,” said Midland CAO John Skorobohacz. “It does not contain commentary on the quality of the current Midland Police Services. At a minimum, the report acknowledges there is an ability to provide effective policing in a more efficient manner.”

The next steps will be public information and consultation meetings, at which the OPP and the consultants will available to answer questions from town council and the public. Following those meetings, a final report will be prepared for a Special Council Meeting to be held on September 6.