OPP Launch March Break Crackdown On The Roads

Distracted Driving still leading cause of death in crashes

OPP warning its officers will focus on distracted and impaired driving, speeding and non-seat belt use during the March Break, noting 2016 was the fourth year in a row inattentive driving was a contributing or primary factor in road-related deaths. Sixty-five road deaths last year could be blamed on distracted driving, compared to 55 on speed, 53 for non-use of seatbelts and 45 due to impaired driving. “Road deaths linked to distracted drivers will not let up unless every road user says ‘enough is enough’ and shows a complete intolerance for what continues to be the most life-threatening driver behaviour on our roads. Starting with this campaign, we want to see every Ontarian, especially passengers of all ages, take a firm stand against those who endanger their lives by using their cell phones or engaging in other forms of distractions behind the wheel.” – OPP Commissioner J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes.