Oprah’s Favourite Things – 2016 Edition!

These are a few of her favourite things


It’s that time of year again!

Oprah has released her annual “favourite things” list just in time for the holidays, and it is a doozy.

There are quite a few practical items on the list. For example, this $20 travel roll that will keep all of your cords tangle-free.

Or even this wine decanter. The aerator removes impurities from the wine while the funnel oxygenates it. Not bad, for a cool $100
But it wouldn’t be Oprah if there weren’t a few eyebrow-raising price tags on the list. Would YOU buy your dog a $400 blanket? Come on, it’s personalized with a portrait of his face!
Is there anyone on your list you’d gift a $1500 Samsung Serif smart TV to? Yeah, me neither. I really need to become friends with Oprah.

If you’re looking to purchase every single item on Oprah’s list, it will cost you a cool $11,555. Here’s hoping your holiday bonus is a big one!

(Courtesy of Oprah.com)