Orangeville Cracks Ontario’s 5 Worst Drivers List

This is one ( list you don't wanna be on

Through their extensive research, has just revealed its list of…

Ontario’s 5 Worst Drivers


“Do you know which of Ontario’s municipalities has the worst drivers? It’s Orangeville”

  • Orangeville’s population is 30,000
  • 9.4% have been issued a ticket and were involved in a collision
  • An infraction rate at 3 times of Ontario’s avg.
  • This driver hit a decorative boulder on a grass island of the Shopper Drug Mart so hard that the entire right side of the vehicle was hung up
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There is a 1 word description for this and it’s, LAZY!

  • This was a Toronto driver in the 401 Collector lanes near Keele
  • You probably thought you’d seen everything, ever seen a driver use a snowbrush WHILE DRIVING ON A TO HIGHWAY?


We all get a little impatient from construction delays but it’s part of life!

  • This occurred at Old Forest Hill Road in Toronto back in October
  • The driver goes against traffic across a sidewalk endangering pedestrians and there is a nearby School
  • Traffic had been delayed daily for construction of the new Light Rail Transit Line


Bad choices!

“Youth is all too often about making bad decisions. Incredibly, though, this 17-year-old combines an entire raft of bad choices into one short drive. For one thing, as a young driver, he’s not supposed to: drive with a drop of alcohol in his blood; drive between midnight and 5:00 am; drive without a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat; drive with more than one 19-year-old-passenger.”

“Unfortunately, this resident of Alfred, Ontario did all those things while driving impaired at 1:00 am on a Saturday night in Lachute, Quebec, with three of his young friends along for the ride in his little red sedan.”


Nobody wants to be #1 on this list, but here we are…

  • Driver of a Mercedes-Benz, turning right on Warden Ave. in Markham Nov. of 2019
  •  The driver while sitting at a stop should already have noticed a bicyclist awaiting the light change
  • The ignorant driver accelerates not only into the person riding a bike but then over a median and into on
  • Credit to the 75 year-old driver for turning around afterwards and returning to the scene
  • York Region Police handed out a Careless Driving charge