Over Half Of Women Prefer Their Best Friend To Their Husband!

Bellas before the fellas!

According to a new survey, over half of the women say they’re way closer to their best friend than their husband.

All the reasons women prefer their BFF to their partner

We can talk about everything (57%)
She listens more (45%)
I can tell her things I could not tell my partner (44%)
We enjoy the same things  (41%)
We laugh until we cry (39%)
I can truly be myself (29%)
We go back much further (29%)
She offers better advice (28%)
She is less irritating (26%)
We have much more in common (25%)
She has a better sense of humour (19%)
We go wild when we’re together (18%)

Also found in the survey, 43% of women would rather take a trip or have a spa day with their bestie than with their husband!

Also revealed 60% of women said that they have a better time if no men are around!