Over Six Million Dollars In Pot Seized From King Township Grow Op

Facility Had License To Grow 875 Plants, Police Say 4,000 Were Found

York Regional Police say the latest grow op they shut down did have the proper license to grow 800 marijuana plants…. too bad cops claim to have found 4,000 growing there.

Police were assisting King Township in a safety inspection of a licensed grow op, back on July 26th, claiming the inspection revealed far more plants than was allowed.

The three Health Canada licenses in place allowed for 875 plants to be grown for medical purposes, but officers say the 4,000 or so plants discovered were being grown in an unregulated, unsafe, and illegal manner.

Two suspects, both from Quebec, are facing drug-related charges as a result.

“This criminal enterprise was operating well in excess of Health Canada authorizations to grow cannabis for medical purposes,” said Chief Eric Jolliffe. “Over and above the community safety risks associated to unsafe wiring and the use of chemicals, all too often, police are identifying personal and designated production licence holders that are growing excessive amounts of cannabis under Health Canada authorizations. The product is then diverted to the illicit market by organized crime groups to supply illegal dispensaries, export outside of Canada and trafficked in our local communities.”