Pack your bags and live your very own Dirty Dancing Vacation!

Dirty Dancing is about to turn 30 and what better way to celebrate the fact than actually going and living the Kellerman’s dream?

Pack your bags because the fictional vacation resort where Baby got taken out of the corner is actually real – and yes, you can stay there.

Mountain Lake Lodge (AKA Kellerman’s) isn’t actually in the Catskill mountains as in the film.  It’s actually nestled down south in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains – and it’s everything you’d expect.

They even have Dirty Dancing-themed weekends where the resort reopens as Kellerman’s Mountain House four times a year, and puts on a full itinerary of group dance lessons, a movie filming tour and a dance party in Mary’s Barn (where the actual dirty dancing happened).

Think about it, you too can carry a watermelon!

Or rub yourself against a railing when no one is watching!

Or Crawl along the floor with your person!

Or try your luck and skill at the lift!

Happy vacationing, dirty dancers