PAGE’S 5: Fans You’ll See At Every Sporting Event

From The Irrelevant Jersey to The Drunk

I’ve been to my fair share of sporting events. Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Football, you name it! And after going to the Centennial Classic in Toronto on New Year’s Day, and to a couple of the World Juniors games at the Air Canada Centre over the holidays, this could not be more true.

There are ALWAYS 5 types of fans in the crowd:

The PDA Couple- They’re right in front of you, and can’t stop taking selfies or making-out long enough to even catch the score. Why did they even bother buying tickets?!

The Drunk- The guy you know has had one too many already, and throughout the game you can’t help but keep looking at him to see what level of intoxication he’s at… Until security throws him out of course. (Which you also love to watch!)

That Guy- You know who’s the ‘That Guy’ in your section within minutes of sitting in your seat. He’s the one trying to start the crowd songs when no one is into it, standing up at every call, blocking your view, and giving you a play-by-play at the top of his lungs, usually with unnecessary profanities for “emphasis”.

The FAN- They’re decked out in their team EVERYTHING. Face and chest painted, a wig, beads. Heck, I’ve even seen ladies with the team logo on their toenails!!

The Irrelevant Jersey- This fan irritates me the most! They’re wearing a jersey that isn’t even remotely close to being appropriate for the game you’re at. Like wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey in Toronto when the Leafs are playing the Philadelphia Flyers. Come on dude!