Page’s 5: Garage Sale Hacks

Clear The Clutter & Make Some Cash

Garage Sale season has begun and there’s no better time to get a jump start on your Spring Cleaning and make some cash while clearing out the clutter from your house!


Make Signs BIG- They have to big and bold to get drivers and passerby’s attention, and make sure you give all the important details: date and time of the sale, and the location.

(TIP: Get creative/funny with your signs and sayings! The funnier/brighter/more colourful the better!)






Have Lots of Change- There’s always that one person who will try and pay for a $5 item with a $50 bill.

(TIP: Keep your change on you. Bring back the fanny pack! Looks funny, but at least you can walk around and not have to constantly worry about a cash box somewhere.)


Price EVERYTHING- The question you’ll undoubtedly get asked the most is “how much is this?”. Save yourself a bit of a headache by putting price stickers on every item for sale, or have tables set up with signs explaining that all items on that table are a certain price.

(TIP: Have a ‘FREE’ pile. Stuff you’re not worried about selling, just getting rid of. People will stop just to see what’s in the pile, and then might feel obligated to look around at the rest of the sale.)

Donate- If the goal of your garage sale is not only to make some cash, but also just to get rid of things, schedule a charity pick up for the rest of things that you don’t manage to sell. And it’s a win, win! You’re helping out a charity AND you’re getting rid of things you wanted to be rid of in the first place. (In Barrie you could check out Samaritan House for donations!)

(TIP: Book an appointment with the charity you are donating to for after your sale. Whether it be a pick up, or you dropping things off. That way they are aware of possible big items coming.)



Start Early- Any good garage sale-er knows that the good stuff always goes first. So expect to be set up by 7am at the LATEST.

(TIP: Set up a few tables/shelves of things the day before and leave them in the garage. That way when you get up at the crack of dawn, you can just move those tables out onto the drive way and you’re set to go.)


AND don’t forget to…

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