Nothing to be ashamed about.

Some of us are brave and can handle any kind of horror movie without checking under the bed before going to sleep that night; while others… can’t. (Like me!)

But we wimps like to get into the Halloween spirit too, so here are some of the ‘Scardy Cat Approved’ movies out there are:

Hocus Pocus — How can you get scared during a movie with Bette Midler and a talking cat?

Beetlejuice — Not going to lie, this one DID actually give me nightmares as a kid, but it made the list because now, (being somewhat grown up), I just focus on the possessed ‘Day-O’ dancing scene around the table.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown — Nothing scary here. Just a true Halloween classic. Plus it’s Snoopy!

The Addams Family — The creepiest thing about this movie is Uncle Fester.

Ghostbusters — Which does involve some creepy ghosts, but there’s also a big green one that likes to eat a lot, that they call Slimer.

(Videos & Images Courtesy of YouTube)