Page’s 5: Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom WON’T Be Expecting

For The Moms Who Have EVERYTHING

If Mom doesn’t like the spa, or doesn’t like to drink. Maybe she doesn’t really go to concerts or shows. Maybe she’s not into a hobby, or maybe she’s too into a hobby that you wouldn’t dare buy her anything for that hobby, to run the risk of getting her something totally wrong.

I got you covered!

Here are a few different ideas for Mother’s Day that still have that same sentimental value you’re looking for, but aren’t the usual gifts Moms everywhere get, every, single, year.

Mother/Daughter Photo Session. Those selfies aren’t cutting it anymore. Set up a photography session and get some professional pictures taken. Maybe even pamper Mom at a salon before hand. She can get her make-up and hair done so she’ll be feeling AND looking fabulous!

A Chocolate Bouquet. (I made this one for my mom this year!) Dollar Store flowers, in a container with craft foam. Then use double-sided tape to attached individually wrapped chocolates to the centers of the flowers. Add some cellophane and ribbon, and make it up to look like an actual bouquet of flowers.

Keeping with the bouquet theme… A Lottery/Scratch Ticket Bouquet. (I made this one for my Grandmother, and she loved it!) What lady wouldn’t want the chance at winning some big cash?!

Cooking/Dancing/Painting/Pottery Classes. Not all together of course. Find some kind of skill you think Mom would love to take a class for, and buy her lessons!

And finally, and probably most importantly, Time. As you get older all Mom really wants is just to spend time with you. So plan an afternoon, a dinner date, make her breakfast in bed, anything that the two of you can do together to make memories. (I wrote this up for my Mom last year explaining what our day was going to look like. FYI, the “come June” part was when my parents were moving up to Barrie.)