Page’s 5: Reasons Why We HATE Winter

The Ugly Cold Wet Truth

Don’t try and sugar-coat it with excuses of snowmobiling, ice skating, or skiing.

Stop with the “Winter is a fresh start” junk.

And forget reminding me that, “we live in Canada”.

After the magic of the holidays have ended, Winter becomes a pain in the butt. PERIOD.

Snow Days: Fun for the kids. Extra work for us. Braving stupid scary and dangerous road conditions to get in to work, trying to keep the kids occupied at home, and trying to scramble for last minute babysitters.

Daydreaming- For that brief moment we love the thought of feeling the hot sun on our bare skin once again, smelling the flowers freshly blooming, feeling the wind gently flowing through our hair. And then reality hits you as soon as you step outside to warm up your car… for 20 minutes.

Shoveling- Just when you THINK you’re done, Mother Nature covers up your driveway yet again with another foot of snow.

ALWAYS Being Cold- No matter how many sweaters or pairs of socks you have on, no matter how many teas you drink, or how many hot showers you have, you are always cold. IT’S always cold. EVERYTHING. Cold.

Resentment- You can’t afford to escape this wintery hell, but your co-worker can. You continue to grow bitter with every all-inclusive resort, legs on a beach, look-what-I’m-drinking-in-the-sun picture she posts on Facebook.

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