Page’s 5: Snow Day Activities

Ways To Keep The Kids Busy While Off School

They barely got back into the school day routine and now they get a Snow Day.

After being off for two weeks already, they might be thinking there’s nothing left to do at home, and come out with those two little words every parent dreads hearing; “I’m bored”.

Keep them busy with these easy Snow Day activities…

Play Outside- It’s a SNOW day. Get out and enjoy the snow! Build a snowman, go tobogganing, have a snowball fight, go for a mini walk and check out the beautiful snow covered nature. And the best part is, coming inside and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Board Games- Spend the afternoon around the kitchen table playing their favourite games. Or create your own, like Sock Toss. Line up paper bags, buckets, or baskets on the floor, and try to throw balled up socks in them.

Picnic Inside- Lay down a blanket in the living room, and pretend you’re outside during Spring eating lunch!

Treasure Hunt- Rhyming clues, (if you’re creative enough/have the time), or just generic. Hide their favourite toy, and give them clues getting them closer and closer to finding their “treasure”.

Catch Up On Homework/Read- All the kids will hate me for saying this. But if they have a big project that is due by the end of the week, maybe taking a couple of hours to get ahead will save them rushing around last minute or staying up late the night before to finish it before it’s due. Or even just having some quiet time and reading a good book snuggled up on the couch.


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