Page’s 5: Ways To Heat Up A Chilly May 2-4

Just Cause It's Cold Doesn't Mean You Can't Enjoy

We always expect the best when the first long weekend of the warmer, supposed to be warmer months arrives. Shorts, flip flops, BBQs, the cottage, sunscreen. But when it comes to the May 2-4 Weekend, most of the time, the weather is a little less cooperative than we’d like.

Sure some times we’ll get away with a cute sundress and sandals during the day, but then at night it’s a whole different story! Or instead of the beautiful sunshine we all hope for, we get an entire holiday of rain.

Here are 5 ways to still enjoy this Victoria Weekend, regardless of the chilly weather.

Bonfire. It’s a classic long weekend tradition anyway! Put on heavy comfy clothes and snuggle up with a blanket by the fire. Then of course to enhance the experience, and make it more yummy, add s’mores and hotdogs!!

Camp Inside. Set up a tent in your living room, turn off the lights and enjoy! It’ll be somewhat of the same experience as real-woodsy camping. Except you’ll be inside. Warm. With running water. And a stocked fridge. And no bears. (Plus, at home camping is cheaper!)

Keep Active. Set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt with friends. Play an old-school game of ‘Capture The Flag’ with some kind of prize at the end. Anything to get you and your fellow weekend buds working up a sweat.

Spicy Eating. You’re allowed to indulge and treat yourself to some good food on the long weekend, so why not make that food work for you by adding a little heat. Try a spicy Chicken Buffalo Dip, or maybe some hot, hot wings.

And if all else fails, Drink. You know you and you’re friends are going to be having a few glasses anyway!




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