Pandemic driving Americans to take more road trips

According to a new survey, the coronavirus has resulted in 44% of adult drivers taking more road trips this summer. 

Of that 44%, the average respondent has been on two road trips already this summer and has another two planned for the future.


The uptick in road trips may be a result of the fact that two in three drivers in the survey reported rethinking existing travel plans due to the pandemic, and say that traveling by vehicle allows for what many would consider being safer travel.


Over four in ten (43%) of those surveyed say they’ve replaced one or more of their canceled travel plans with a road trip of some kind.

According to 73% of respondents, road tripping is more fun than flying – with 58% saying that they plan to continue taking more road trips even after the pandemic ends.


In fact, two in three of those polled said they’d rather road trip to their destination for 10 hours than fly there in two hours given the current state of the world.