Paramount Details New Animated Spice Girls Film

A New Spice Girls Move Is In The Works!

Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria and her team are in the works of developing a new Spice Girls movie with a new slate of animations, aiming to have two releases each year starting in 2020.


The Spice Girls are very excited for a live action animation and are very involved in the production. Working with producer Simon Fuller and screenwriters Karen McCullah and Kiwi Smith, the film will have the bands classic tunes, along with some new tracks.

Meanwhile, a whole lineup of other animations are in the works, such as The SpongeBob Movie: It’s a Wonderful Sponge, which has just added Awkwafina and Reggie Watts to the voice cast as well as Cyndi Lauper to work on the films songs. The film will be released in May 2020 and is going to be a “love letter to SpongeBob’s beloved creator Stephen Hillenburg.”

Soria has also gone on to announce a finalized first-look deal with a joint venture between Imagine Entertainment and animation studio Animal Logic, which already has two movies in the works.

Another addition to the slate is Jersey Crabs, a musical set on the Jersey Shore where sea crab tourists tackle with land crab townies. The film is said to be released around the same time as the Chinese American fantasy adaptation The Tiger’s Apprentice, due February 11th, 2022.

Paramount is also in early development on a Mighty Mouse project planned as a live action and animation movie. The will have Jon and Erich Hoeber as writers, along with Karen Rosenfelt and Bob Cort as producers.

Keep an eye out for these awesome movie titles coming to you in the future!