Parenting While Hungover Is The Worst And Scientists Agree

Kids don’t care if you’re hungover! 

After a night of boozing it up, you can bet that those little humans that you made (perhaps after a night of drinking) will wake you up, asking for food and their favourite sippy cup!

A study was done out of the University of Michigan and found, hangover parenting is so awful that many parents make plans to avoid it.

According to the study, a full 67% of the 1,170 parents surveyed said “they are very likely to make plans for someone to take care of their child the day after the event.”

This is troubling.  29% of parents “said they know of an adult who may have caused an unsafe situation for their child due to drinking alcohol at a special celebration.”

The study also found that some parents ( usually newer parents) don’t always consider the impact that alcohol could have on young children the next day..

That is until you’ve been around the booze block a few times to understand how horrible it is to parent hungover!

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