Parents Are Much Healthier Thanks To Their Kids

Remember what it was like before kids? Good times!

Four in five parents confessed to doing a complete lifestyle-180 after the kids came along, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 parents with kids 0-18 looked at the changes, both minor and major people make to their lives when they have kids. 

Here’s what the survey found.

  • Sixty-eight percent confess they worry about what their kids think.  Parents fear they will be labeled as hypocrites if their kids find out what they did in their youth.
  • The age-old saying, “do as I say, not as I do” definitely applies for many parents.
  • Sixty-five percent of parents said that they would be embarrassed if their kids knew how unhealthy there were back-in-the- day.
  • Three in four parents admit that they didn’t care about their health before kids. 


Here are some of the things the parent gave up after kids:

  1. Eat junk food: 60 percent
  2. Pulling an all-nighter: 52 percent
  3. Substituting snacks for meals: 51 percent
  4. Forgetting to drink water: 51 percent
  5. Skipping meals: 50 percent
  6. Eating too much starch: 48 percent
  7. Only drinking sugary drinks: 47 percent
  8. Not getting enough sleep: 40 percent
  9. Drinking too much alcohol: 37 percent