Parents Say It’s Still A Battle To Get Their Kids To Wash Their Hands

Especially after using the toilet…

Nearly two-fifths of parents have admitted it’s still a battle to get their children to wash their hands after using the toilet.


And despite the recent emphasis on the importance of handwashing, 43 percent of parents still have to remind their children to clean their hands before touching or eating food.


As a result, more than eight in 10 are concerned about their youngster’s hand hygiene as they prepare to return to school.

While kids still need reminders, the message seems to have been heard by adults, more than a third (38 percent) claim to wash or sanitize their hands 11 times a day or more. This is almost double the six times they would wash their hands pre-pandemic.


Although adults need to be mindful when using their phone.  58% say they do not wash their hands after using their phone despite the germs that are found on phones.