Parents Text Their Kids This Over 1,100 times a Year

What question do you text your kids the most?

American Families, (I’m sure it’s not much different in Canada) text with their children an average of  10,384 times a year according to new research.

Texting was found to be the top form of individual communication among family members.

The Top 3 questions parents texts their kids:

3. “Where are you?” (989+ per year)

2. “When will you be home?” (1,018+ per year)

1. “I love you!” (1,100+ per year)

The top activity families rely on texting for:

53% – Making dinner plans

Learning the texting abbreviations, well that’s a whole new ball game for some parents. Even kids need help with it from time to time though…

A Facebook Mom on my list just learned that her daughter always thought, “MILF” meant, “Mom in late forties!”

Now that deserves an, LOL!