Paris Hilton Claims That She Was The One Who Invented The Selfie

Twitter proves her wrong!

Paris Hilton claims that they invented selfies. She started taking credit for the craze earlier this year and even took to Twitter to prove to everyone that selfies were her thing…She shared a picture from 2006 of herself and Britney Spears taking a “selfie”. The caption on the photo noted the year- 2006, 11years ago.   FYI, selfies really took off in 2013!


After this post, which received thousands of retweets, not everyone is ready to give Paris the credit for selfies…

A person on twitter suggested that it was Madonna who is responsible for selfies, writing “Madonna took a selfie in 1985. Watch Desperately Seeking Susan….”

Or how about this…Thelma and Louise, 1991.

Even Bill Nye was doing it in the 80’s…