Partying After The Pandemic!

Can't wait!

According to a new survey on, 42% of people say they plan on, quote, “throwing the biggest party of their entire lives” when the pandemic is officially over.


The survey also found 36% of people will start going to things they used to avoid or flake out on before the pandemic . . . with the big ones being baby showers, weddings, and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

And one in four people says they want to re-do their birthday because last year didn’t count.


But . . . more than one-third of people say they’re worried about whether they still have the skills to make small talk since they haven’t done it in so long.

Do you feel nervous about interacting with other human beings again in person?  A new survey found 39% of people are nervous and 54% say they’re not.


Get ready for those awkward moments!