“Peace by Chocolate” Story Being Made Into A Movie

The Hadhad family came Canada after fleeing war in Syria

The story of a family of chocolate makers from Syria, who fled from the war and made a new life in Canada, is being made into a feature film.

Peace by Chocolate is a chocolate company based in Nova Scotia founded by Syrian chocolatiers who came to Canada through the refugee program. They made chocolates as a way to thank their community for welcoming and supporting them. That led to the community helping them set up a little ‘factory’ in a shed by their house. The company has expanded and now employs 55 people. It’s a great testament to open arms, open hearts and the difference those things can make in a community.

This morning, Peace by Chocolate announced that production is underway on the film that will tell the family’s story. The synopsis of the movie from IMDB:

After the bombing of his father’s chocolate factory, a charming young Syrian refugee struggles to settle into his new small-town life, caught between following his dream and preserving his family’s legacy.

Tareq Hadhad, CEO of Peace by Chocolate, visits the set and meets the crew of the upcoming feature film about his family. /Facebook

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The family was able to visit the set and make a cameo. Check out their Facebook post below to see some of the photos.

Peace by Chocolate is scheduled to be released October 2020.


Title Image: The cast of the upcoming feature film pose on the set.  Peace by Chocolate/ Facebook