People Are Buying Disposable Urinals So They Don’t Have To Rely On Public Restrooms.

Searches for “Travel John Disposable Urinal bags” have skyrocketed.

It’s the must-have item for summer!


According to data from Profitero, an e-commerce analytics firm, searches on Amazon for “Travel John disposable urinal bags” have increased five times between May 2 and June 6.


As lockdown restrictions are lifted, people are moving around more, visiting public spaces, but it appears that people are leery of public restrooms.

Urinal bags, which use chemicals to turn liquid into an odourless solid that can later be thrown away in a trash can, offer a solution to consumers on road-trips or camping excursions. 


Brands such as Travel John and Pee Buddy, which makes a urination device for women to use while standing, have all seen interest surges on Amazon since early May.