People Are Cutting and Colouring Their Own Hair at Home

True colours are coming out

Many days into isolation people are becoming impatient with their hair situation.

(If you’re isolated anyway, who’s gonna see your hair?)

My wife is a long time hair stylist, she says some of the risks of colouring yourself are:

  • Your hair can break off
  • It could go the wrong colour
  • You could have colour banding; different colours on all parts of your hair
  • For those using bleach for blonde or to highlight; it could melt your hair

If things go drastically wrong at home this will also create A LOT of unnecessary work for your beloved hairstylist down the road.

What can you do to keep healthy hair right now?

Some Salons are offering ‘At Home Colour Kits’ allowing you to touch up your roots on your own.

Reach out to contact your Salon to request one, or watch for their social media updates. Some may even deliver a package to you.