People Are Finding That Their Skin Is Way Healthier After Spending More Time At Home

According to new research, two in three people confess that imperfect skin is holding them back from feeling confident

Respondents of this research say that they have been spending this time at home working on their skincare.


46% of people say they have used the extra time to care for their skin and 91% feel their skin is healthier after spending significantly more time at home. 


The study was conducted with 2000 people to determine how people feel about their skin and how overlooked habits may be keeping them from healthy skin.

58% are worried they’ve already done too much damage to their skin, while 64% feel guilty about not taking skincare seriously enough. Nearly 80% believe in using trial and error to determine what products work best for their skin.


Just over half (53%) say that they have changed their skincare products over time with the average person trying out seven different products before finally landing on one that works.


58% of those surveyed say that they wish they could go back and take better care of their skin when they were younger.

Top five skincare regrets


Picking at pimples/acne: 43 percent

Not educating themselves about proper skincare products for their skin type: 30 percent

Not starting a skincare routine earlier: 28 percent

Not routinely seeing a dermatologist: 23 percent

Not cleansing their skin properly: 23 percent


Top five reasons for healthy skin during a quarantine


More time to care for skin: 46 percent

Drinking more water: 45 percent

Less exposure to outdoor elements: 44 percent

Less exposure to pollution: 37 percent

Getting more sleep: 35 percent