People Are Listening To More Music While In Lockdown!

Most people could Not live in a world without music!

84% of people said music has helped them cope during this pandemic, according to a new study!  Music is so therapeutic that on average people are listening to music an extra 38 minutes a day.

The study found that music and virtual concerts are allowing people to feel connected to one another during this time. (64%)

The study also found that 79% of people are more productive while listening to music and nearly half of people said that music helps them fall asleep.

8 out of ten people said that they would not be able to live in a world without music.   Music appears to be how most people deal with stress! 

Other ways that people deal with stress include:

Reading 43%
Exercise 42%
Cooking 30%
Talking to a friend (63%)
Arts & Crafts (31%)