People Are Literally Flushing Thousands Of Dollars Down The Toilet

Can you spare a square?

The average person will flush about $11,198 down the toilet over the course of their lifetime, in TP according to new research!


You could buy a new Chevy Spark for that!


According to a survey of 2000 people, the average respondent will spend about $182 on toilet paper every year, as well as an additional $15 per month since the pandemic hit…. The average person reported using 159 rolls of TP per year!


We’re also using 145 rolls of paper towels and 118 disposable razors annually.


“Very few people realize how much money they’re spending in paper products annually, let alone the environmental cost of producing these products,” said Miki Agrawal, TUSHY’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer.


Average spent on single-use household items in a lifetime

Toilet Paper: $11,198.88

Paper towels: $10,518.82

Hygienic wipes: $9,469.15

Tissues: $9,454.37

Plastic bags: $9,402.62

Paper plates: $8,619.07

Disposable razors: $8,537.76

Plastic cutlery: $8,005.54