People Are Looking Forward To Spending More Money As Stores Begin To Reopen!

Winners reopens today!

New Survey finds that people can’t wait to spend money as favourite shops reopen.  As Marshals, Winners and Home Sense Opens today- no doubt people will be flocking to the stores!

The survey also found that of the 1,000 people asked, a quarter of them will be heading to their favourite restaurants as soon as restrictions are lifted.

15% said they will be traveling to visit family and about half said they will be first getting a haircut or manicure.

Survey finds that without our malls and retailers open over the past couple of months, the average person has saved around $300!


Here’s what else people are looking to spend their money on:

Planning a vacation- 20%
Home repairs- 10%
New car-14%
Going back to the gym-4%