People Are Most Confident Cooking This Meal, According To A New Survey

What's your go-to dish?

A new survey of 2,000 people says that over a quarter of people are not so confident in the kitchen.  On average, people surveyed can only prepare five meals without any help from a recipe.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mazola Corn Oil and asked people what meal they were most confident cooking, and the answer by most was breakfast.

The top five things people can cook without a recipe are:

Eggs over easy 49%
Scrambled eggs 46%
Hard Boiled eggs 44%
Peached eggs 44%
French toast 41%


When it comes to cooking with a recipe, the average person will leave ingredients out with every dish,  and over half (52%) of people admitted they’ve had a kitchen disaster.

Regardless of people’s kitchen nightmares, almost half of people say that they plan on tackling more complex recipes this year with people looking to embrace healthier eating habits.


Meals respondents can make without a recipe

  1. Eggs over easy: 49 percent
  2. Scrambled eggs: 46 percent
  3. Hard boiled eggs: 44 percent
  4. Poached eggs: 44 percent
  5. French toast: 41 percent
  6. Soup: 36 percent
  7. Grilled cheese: 36 percent
  8. Pasta: 36 percent
  9. Rice: 36 percent
  10. Salad: 36 percent
  11. Toast: 34 percent
  12. Beans: 33 percent
  13. Pancakes: 31 percent
  14. Roasted chicken: 30 percent
  15. Mashed potatoes: 29 percent
  16. Bacon: 29 percent
  17. Grilled vegetables: 27 percent
  18. Tacos: 27 percent
  19. Mac and cheese: 26 percent
  20. Grilled steak: 25 percent