People Are Peeing Their Pants On Social Media Due To Lockdown Boredom #Stupid

Their mother’s will be so proud!

As a mother, potty training was no fun and very messy to say the least.  So I can’t image what their mother’s are thinking right now. There has been many #stayathome challenges and some even have you shaking your head.  But this one, might be the grossest yet.


The #peeyourpantschallenge which has boasted over 3.9 million views on TikTok by the way, shows dozens of bozos wetting themselves on camera to keep themselves entertained during lockdown… Really?


The original video as posted on April 21st, by a 19-year-old comedian Liam Weyer.  The shot shows him in front of a mirror announcing the name of this ridiculous challenge before pee starts to trickle down his leg, followed by the wet appearance on his sweatpants.


TikTok did remove the video, but then he reposted giving him almost 70,000 likes and 2 million hits.  Either people are that bored that they find a toddler stunt amusing or people are truly disgusting creatures…