People Are Separating From Their Partner Because Of This!

Oh my!

According to a new survey, a third of sexually active people have dumped someone after having bad sex.


The survey found that if you want another date, you better be a solid performer because a bad performance is a total deal-breaker.


While the subject my be taboo, its a big deal and part of life’s pleasures!  4 in 10 say they’ve never experienced the big O.

The survey also found that 17% of the time, sexually-active respondents are faking it in bed – at an average of four times a month – with women faking an average of 39 orgasms yearly.


And the best part is almost half the time, the partner doesn’t know that their person is faking it.


Fifty-four percent of sexually active respondents do want to improve their sex lives with their partners, but they don’t know-how.