People Are Stealing Hotel Mattresses!

The Italians Steal The Wine Glasses!

I Survey was conducted to find out what people are stealing from hotel rooms, and surprisingly 4% of luxury hotels say that they have had mattresses stolen.


Those little toilet tree are ok to take right? Aren’t they built into the price of the room?  Just because you take a pen or conditioner, doesn’t mean everything is up for grabs.

A new survey asked four- and five-star hotels around the world what kind of stuff they’ve had stolen in the past two years.  Towels, bathrobes, hangers, pens, silverware, cosmetics, batteries, art, blankets, and pillows.

But what are people 

Americans are most likely to steal pillows and batteries.
Austrians are most likely to steal dishes and coffee machines
Italians are most likely to steal wine glasses
The Swiss take hair dryers
The French are more likely to steal TV’s and remotes
The Dutch take light bulbs and Toilet paper