People Aren’t The Only Ones Gaining Weight During Lockdown!

Your pets are packing on the pounds during quarantine also!

According to a new survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Banfield Pet Hospital in the US, 33% of pets have beefed up since lockdown starting in March.

Of the 1000 animal owners surveyed, 25% say their pet has only gained a little weight, while 8% said that their furry friend has gained a lot.

40% of people said that they are feeding their pets more snacks and treats since the outbreak started.

Similar to humans, the struggles are real for pets too.  They are locked down with you and parks and off leash areas had been closed for months-leading to their waistlines getting bigger.

Animal experts advise that you should limit treats to no more than 10 percent of pet’s daily calories and upping daily activity.  Good Luck!