People Hate To Iron! But If We Have Too- What Are We Ironing?

Why dry cleaning was invented!

Only 16% say that they enjoy ironing while the rest of the world seems to be totally happy going through life with wrinkled shirts!

Of this small percentage of those who enjoy the chore, 

62% of people iron dress shirts,
52% iron t-shirts,
42% iron their jeans,
35% iron dresses,
30% iron their pillow cases,
27% iron their tablecloths,
20% iron their sheets,
17% iron their kitchen towels,
16% iron their pajamas,
8% iron their workout clothes.

But the most unusual is, 6% iron bathrobes, 5% iron their UNDERWEAR, and 3% iron their socks.

The survey also found 77% of women do at least some occasional ironing, compared to 56% of men.