People Love Pumpkin Spice More Than You Think!

According to a new survey, people love pumpkin Spice so much, that if an option- people would want it all year round!

In fact; Pumpkin Spice is so popular that people would be willing to sign a petition (79%) to ensure that pumpkin spice was available all year. 

41% of people say that they’d give up carbs to get pumpkin spice coffee for life.

The survey also finds that people would rather give up alcohol (41%), chocolate (28%) and their cell phone before giving up pumpkin spice coffee. 

OnePoll did a survey in partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to determine people’s fall habits and found that 80% are on the pumpkin spice bandwagon. 

People are so hard core about this fall flavour that 41% would stand in line at Service Ontario once a month for the rest of their lives if it meant they’d get a pumpkin spice coffee for life!

Also, of those drinking the fall treat, three in ten reveal they would sit in traffic for two hours every day just to have the flavoured coffee for life.

There are other things about Fall that people like and they include: 

football season back (37 percent) 

going apple picking (23 percent)

drinking warm drinks (22 percent)

Thanksgiving (20 percent)