People Who Get Goosebumps Are Healthier, Wealthier And Friendlier!

There was a study that has proven that over half of us will have our hair stand up during live entertainment!

The study was done by Harvard University that wanted to know more about our emotional connection to music and what getting goosebumps really means…

The researchers found that about 55% of people that had a strong emotional connection to music, were more likely to be healthier, happier, friendlier, and even WEALTHIER.

They also found that women were more likely to get goosebumps from music than men and for most people, it happens quickly, like during the first minute of the song.  And music isn’t the only thing that gives some people goosebumps.

25% had them when someone said “I love you” for the first time . . . 23% had them when their child was born . . . and 16% had them when they saw their partner walk down the aisle at their wedding.


Here are few more findings:


88% of people who got goosebumps claimed to feel happier after watching the performance compared to 80% of those who didn’t. 

80% who had goosebumps described themselves as ‘empathetic’ and ‘agreeable’ compared to 63% of the sample who didn’t.

Those who got goosebumps had a stronger interest in creative activities such as baking, painting and writing.

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