People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex, According To Studies

Your use of emoji could have a positive impact on your experience of sex and relationships.  

Two studies were conducted to determine the real effects of emojis and found that people who use emoji and emoticons regularly went on more dates and engaged in sexual activity more often than their non-emoji-using counterparts.

Throwing a load of eggplant emoji into your messages won’t guarantee you action, but its worth a shot!

It’s possible that people who use emoji are also more confident, or funnier, or even that they’re younger and more likely to be going on loads of dates. 

The people in the study who regularly used emoji said they did so because it helped to maintain a connection with first dates, creating intimacy in fewer characters.

Researchers said: ‘Emojis appear to be an important aspect of social behaviour in today’s digital world…

So essentially, they’re an easy way to get across emotions, whether that’s an eagerness to see someone with a heart eyes emoji or a quick reminder of your intentions in the form of an eggplant.