People With These Personality Types Have Been Thriving In Quarantine

Which personality are you?

Those who are more laid-back are adjusting better to quarantine life — and are more optimistic overall, new research found.


A survey was done using people who move slowly and people who move quickly, and it found that respondents who take their time could not only adapt more easily to life at home (38% vs. 25%), but they were also more likely to see the bright side of situations.


So basically if you’re a home-body, you seem to be dealing with this well. The survey looked at a variety of personality differences between the two groups.


Results revealed those who take their time were more likely to consider themselves introverts, while those who move quickly identified most commonly as ambiverts.


The survey also delved into each group’s hobbies and revealed fast-moving respondents were more likely to enjoy outdoorsy hobbies like gardening and hiking or camping.


While those who prefer to move slowly were more likely to enjoy hobbies like knitting or sewing, as well as baking.



Respondents who take their time:


  • More likely to be optimistic
  • More likely to be adjusting to life at home during the quarantine
  • More likely to consider themselves introverts
  • More likely to take daily naps
  • Equally likely to enjoy cooking


Respondents who move more quickly:


  • More likely to be spontaneous, kind, and curious
  • More likely to enjoy gardening and hiking/camping
  • More commonly identified as ambiverts
  • Less likely to feel they have enough time in their day for self-care and hobbies
  • Equally likely to enjoy cooking