Pepsi Considering Projecting Billboards Into The Night Sky!

Pepsi wants to take their logo and make it out of this world!

Pepsi has been in talks with the Russian Space agency to start to project their logos into the night skies via low-orbit satellites.  Pepsi and its Russian partners will begin to test “stratosphere advertisements.”

Not everyone is on board with this idea- some people taking to social media to call the idea “Space Solution.” 

According to their website…it will charge companies $200,000 (£153,000) to deploy the orbital advert in the night sky for eight hours, while $500,000 will cover 10 days of the space ad.

It’s going to cost a lot to get this off the ground, no pun intended… StartRocket says its needs $25 million to get this project going and are hoping to start projecting by 2020!