Peter Mansbridge’s Final Week on the National

"This is the National."

It was September 6th, 2016 when Peter Mansbridge announced his intention to step down from CBC’s The National after over 30 years as the program’s chief correspondent.

From humble beginnings, Mansbridge began his working years as a labourer at the Churchill, Manitoba airport. His life changed forever when he made an announcement over the PA system in the airport while a CBC Radio manager was waiting in the terminal. Mansbridge was still a teenager when he was offered his first job with the CBC.

Mansbridge has had a storied career covering the news that has shaped the country over the past thirty years. One of the highlights (via TorStar) was his interview with Barack Obama in 2009. He was the first Canadian journalist to interview Obama when he became the president.

Mansbridge takes the desk for the final time this weekend for The National’s Canada 150 broadcasts. Will you be watching Mansbridge’s final broadcast this weekend?

CC Image Courtesy of Geoff Campbell via Flickr