Picky Eater School Lunches Made Easy

Simple Tips & Food Suggestions

Start by getting your kids involved in making their lunches. Sit down and write a list with them of all the foods they will eat, and what they are willing to try. Split the list in two sections; main dishes and side dishes. Then when making their lunches choose a main and two side dishes on their list, and you’re sure to please the pickiest of eaters!

Even try getting the kids to help make their own lunch the night before, that way they will be excited to eat what they packed themselves.

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Get creative with their lunches. Don’t just make them a boring sandwich, cut it into a heart or other fun shapes with cookie cutters, put the mustard on in a smiley face, or write cute notes with jokes to make them smile.

No repeat lunches. Every day should be something different, it keeps them excited to see what surprises you packed away.


Here are some ideas of what you could suggest for your kids “I Will Eat” lists…

Main Dish Ideas

Pasta (hot or cold)                              Roll up/Wrap sandwiches

Mac and Cheese                                 Chicken Nuggets

Fruit and cheese skewers                  Pizza bun

Deli meat and cheese kabobs           Salad

Last night’s dinner leftovers             Pancakes


Side Dishes Ideas

Dry cereal                                              Crackers

Fruit                                                        Applesauce

Veggies                                                   Raisins

Popcorn                                                 Cheese slices

Yogurt                                                     Hard boiled egg

For more ideas click HERE


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