Pizza Hut Launches Contactless Pick Up!

Complete with Tamper-Proof Safety Seals

Pizza Hut has launched a new curb-side pick up services.  This is perfect if you are worried about Coronavirus contamination on your pie or the box.

The food comes in a sealed package to reassure costumers that their food hasn’t been touched by human hands.

Like some other pizza chains, customers can now select “contactless curb-side delivery” during checkout on either the Pizza Hut app or online ordering system.  If you’re itching to talk to another human, you can also order via phone-old school!

Customers pre-pay with debt or credit and supply a description of their vehicles if picking up curb-side.

According to a publication, the pizza is cooked at 400 degrees, it is removed from the oven using a “hands-free oven-to-box process” before being brought out and placed into the customer’s vehicle by a worker wearing gloves.


Plus each medium or large pizza box will also come with a “tamper proof safety seal.”