Pizza Is Healthier For You Than Cereal For Breakfast!

grab a pie and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love left over cold pizza first thing in the morning? 

There’s an article from that says;  “According to New York-based nutritionist Chelsey Amer, a cheesy, greasy, carb-filled slice is better for you than your favourite breakfast cereal.”

The nutritionist, Chelsey Amer says that most cereal is high in sugar and lacks protein and healthy fats.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories.” 

Pizza has more protein which helps give your body that satisfaction it needs in the morning!  “A cereal made with whole grains, nuts or seeds, and fruit with organic grass-fed milk or plant-based milk is a better choice than a greasy pizza made with processed meat like pepperoni on a white flour crust,” she says.