P!nk Is Officially The Coolest Mom EVER!

She had a Matt Damon Cake made for her daughter's Birthday!

For your 5th Birthday cake you usually want your favourite cartoon character or toy franchise, like Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses, or in this day and age Shopkins (according to my 7 year old niece), but P!nk’s daughter Willow, wanted nothing to do with any of that! She wanted a cake based off of her favourite person… Matt Damon.

Specifically, Matt Damon in the movie, The Martian.

So that’s what Willow got! The cake is a huge chunk of the planet Mars, with a very detailed astronaut sitting on top, with Matt Damon’s face.

Willow loves Matt so much, that she asked mommy P!nk if he could come to her Birthday party.

… but I guess in a way, he DID show up.

Matt Damon made it after all

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