‘Pokemon GO’ Developers Are Making It Easier For Games To Play The Game Indoors Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

You won’t have to leave your house!

Niantic Labs, the makers of ‘Pokemon GO’ tweeted out;


“The safety of our global player community is our top priority. COVID-19 is challenging us and the world to adjust.”  “We’re putting our focus on expanding features and experiences in our games that can be enjoyed in an individual setting and that also encourage exploration!”


The tweet continues;

“As part of our commitment to player safety, for the next 30 days, we removed the walking requirement for GO Battle League globally to make it possible for Trainers everywhere to participate.”


The game lets players ‘capture’ digital creatures at real locations using their smartphones.  Digital items that can be used within the game can be found at so-called ‘PokeStops,’ which are often located at real landmarks.  Changes to the game will allow players to collect “Pokemon Go” monsters without going outside!

‘Pokemon Go’ was launched in 2016 and quickly became a global phenomenon, but also created public safety concerns because many users became distracted- and in some cases people were hurt and a few died.