Polar Bear Awareness Day, February 28th!

Check out these really Kool kids!

Meet Grant & Regan, two really Kool kids!  We were thrilled to have these two grade 6 students in to chat about their campaign to help the Polar Bears!

Grant & Regan are two 11-yr old boys who attend Forest Hill PS in Midhurst.  It was a class project back in grade 4 that brought the circumstances surrounding the Polar Bears to their attention.

The more they read, the more interested they became.  They asked their teacher if they would be able to do further research and present their findings to the class, and she agreed.

The boys decided there should be a “Polar Bear Awareness Day” and hoped their classmates would join them in wearing white shirts in honour of the Polar Bears. It actually grew to more than a presentation for just their class, as the two boys were challenged by one of their teachers.  If they could get 200 or more students to wear white shirts, she would make a $100 contribution to the Polar Bears.  And so it began as the two boys worked to get the whole school involved and wear a white shirt for Polar Bear Awareness Day.  It was a success!

Each year the project has grown.  This year the boys are taking it a step further.  They will be fundraising at school by selling white chocolate polar bears and milk chocolate fish in an effort to make an even greater donation to the amazing Polar Bears.

The boys have been fortunate to have the full help and support of their families, classmates, teachers and school administrative staff. As the boys have said, “together, WE CAN make a difference”

You can help these really Kool kids by donating today!