Pole-Dancing Lawn Skeleton Display Leaves Neighbours Outraged!

No Skeletons in this women’s closet!

A  Richmond, Texas resident named Angela Nava created a skeleton strip club on her front lawn for Halloween!


She named it “The Candy Shop,” and it features skeleton strippers pole-dancing in wigs, bony customers getting lap dances and offering tips, and even a skeletal bouncer wearing shades and a baseball hat emblazoned with the word “SECURITY.”


Angela keeps it interesting, changing up the display daily while playing music for about 8 hours every day.

While Angela tells local news outlets that this is a creative outlet for her, neighbours don’t seem to appreciate her art!

Angela Nava’s pole-dancing skeletons were deemed “inappropriate” by her Texas homeowners association. CREDIT: Facebook/Angela Nava

Nava received a letter from her homeowner’s association on Sunday. Her exotic dancers, the group said in so many words, were offensive and inappropriate for the family-friendly neighborhood, and Nava had 30 days to take them down, despite Halloween being this Saturday.